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Wed 7 Jul 2004, 11:24 AM
OK, I know I blog about this periodically, but it finally seems that the strong pick up in the Notes/Domino business is becoming more apparent "out there".  It has been apparent here for a while.  Ed Brill says, in a comment to an LND Central article, that Notes/Domino business is up 15%.  My various Penumbra contacts are almost all busier than a year ago.  Granite Software seems to be selling boatloads of spamJam.  Our Midas Rich Text LSX sales are up about 40% from a year ago, and that was about 35% ahead of a year before, and even the year before was a good year.  COEX! Links sales are cooking as well, but it is too new to have a valid comparison with the year before.  Best of all, the activity is picking up in areas that seem to have been pretty dormant, such as Canada, where a BP customer described consultants as "dusting off their shoes and getting back to business".

So, do you see it?  If you are a consultant, are you busy?  If you are an ISV, are sales good?  If you are a customer, do you foresee a lot of internal demand?

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