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Fri 9 Jul 2004, 09:10 AM
We have intentionally kept the C++ version of our Midas Rich Text LSX low profile with no announcements or web page presence, but as more ISVs and companies are starting to use it, it is probably time to start making its presence better known.  So far, I have been referring to the product as the "Midas Rich Text API", and you may have even seen that recently on pages such as the Midas agreement page.  But before we put it everywhere, I thought I should run this by our loyal blog readers.

Does the name "Midas Rich Text API" work, or should it be both shorter and more explicit, such as "Midas C++ API"?  Is there something else that could better communicate that we have a product with all the capability of the Midas Rich Text LSX, but which can be used in stand-alone programs (no Notes client), server add-ins, menu add-ins, extension managers, etc.  This is powerful stuff, but only if people recognize it.  While we are mostly aiming at ISVs, and even called this "Midas for ISVs" for a bit, it is also popular with some large companies who do a lot of their own C/C++ work and want to integrate this functionality without needing an agent or client.

So, what do you think?

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