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Sat 24 Jul 2004, 09:43 AM
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Specifically, this theme:

Two roads, one wood
a traveller divided
Chose one less travelled

There once was a yellow wood
Where a befuddled traveller stood
With two roads divided
He stood undecided
Finally picking one noone else would.

Dr. Seuss-like
Still standing, the traveller looked down both ways
The road on the left not walked on in days
The path on the right was in good repair
With footprints and treadmarks and signs of good wear
"But which should I take?", the good traveller thought.
"Which should I take, and which should I not?"
If he hadn't decided, if he hadn't have chosen.
He'd be there today, and standing quite frozen.
But rather than be left there standing all night
He choose the path which was left, which was right.

Two roads
Diverging paths
Choosing the wilder one
No regrets, but one day perhaps

Sophisticated Mother Goose
Two roads, two roads, antipodes
Divergent, insurgent and urgent
Decisions, revisions, life long division
No balking, keep walking emergent.

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