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Tue 2 Nov 2004, 11:25 AM
I checked back in at our local polling place and they had already had the number of voters as they had in the last election... by 11am, when the polls had been open since 6:30am.  Now, maybe everybody voted early in the day to avoid the rush, but I think it is more likely we will have record turnout.  Of course, we are in Ohio, but anecdotal evidence indicates turnout is high everywhere, even in solidly "red" or "blue" states.  There may be some surprises today.

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Tue 2 Nov 2004, 06:58 AM
Well, true to expectations, the turnout looks like it will be very heavy.  I headed over to vote in the US elections today at 6:20am this rainy morning, and I was 15th in line for my precinct (there are three precincts at our polling place, so about 45th in line to get in the door).  By the time I voted, which was very quick since they had five booths set up, the line stretched across the gymnasium for each of the three precincts.  While I imagine that this is partly the pre-work rush, the poll workers confirmed that they had never seen this many people this early in previous elections.

No matter who wins the election, it is very good to see my fellow citizens out voting.  We have been an apathetic people in some recent elections, and I think that no matter which side you come down on, this election has energized a lot of people.  Not always in a good way, I admit, but I'd rather that everyone voted no matter who they pick, and that takes some energizing.

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