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Wed 2 Feb 2005, 11:59 PM
It is interesting how people tend to think of Alan Lepofsky and Ed Brill as interchangeable, but their blogs couldn't be more different.  Ed tends to focus on competitive issues with Microsoft, as well as positive news about IBM, and some travel news thrown in.  Alan's blog, on the other hand, is called IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Hints and Tips, and it is full of well documented and described tips that many people can use immediately.  Recent tips include how to shift table rows or bullet items with Ctrl-Arrow, how to use the Picture Properties to look more professional, and how to do Rapid style data entry.  Alan just keeps coming out with more, and all are clear and ready to use for in-house tips and tricks or training.  Even many seasoned Notes users are discovering new ways to do things, thanks to Alan.

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Wed 2 Feb 2005, 11:54 PM
One annoying thing about layers is that if the graphic is added to the layer, it can be selected, even in read mode, which is a bit distracting.  A graphic used as a background graphic does not behave that way.  Grr!

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