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Mon 7 Feb 2005, 10:37 PM
It is too soon to tell whether Microsoft interoperability is an oxymoron or not, but at least they are saying the right things:
Interoperability is all about different software products working together. Microsoft embraces interoperability through our products today, with the new generation of XML-enabled software, through technology and IP licensing, and in our partnerships with companies that are dedicated to helping software products work together.
Of course, that interoperability doesn't seem to extend to Linux, or outside Windows in any way, but that is our job, I guess.  It does tend to validate Genii Software's newer focus on coexistence, so I guess I am more ready to believe.  You hear what you want to hear, and this is something I want to hear from both IBM and Microsoft.  I just hope it holds more water than their "focus on reliability".

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