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Fri 19 Aug 2005, 12:27 PM
On Tuesday, my fifteen year old son starts 10th grade.  (My nine year old starts 5th grade and my daughter starts her sophomore year of college, but those aren't relevant to this story)  10th grade means he has three more years at home before college.  But in the mail today, there was a letter from the Admissions people at Swarthmore College to my son.

Now, like his siblings, my son is an academic superstar, and he has done well in state competitions and such, so it doesn't exactly surprise me that he received this letter.  Also, I went to Swarthmore College myself, as did my wife, and I think it might be an excellent choice for my son.

But I have a message for Swarthmore College, and all the other colleges and universities which are going to stuff our mailbox for the next couple of years.

Not yet.  That's it, the whole message.  Not yet.

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