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August, 2005
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Tue 30 Aug 2005, 01:31 PM
My wife's sister and family in Mobile, Alabama have returned from the shelter safe and sound, and their house is still intact after Hurricane Katrina.  They have no electricity, and it looks like it might be out for quite a while, but after last year's hurricanes they bought a generator, so they at least have a refrigerator and one fan (hardly enough in a muggy 105 degree heat).  They describe trees down and structural damage on some university buildings, but "better than being in Mississippi or Louisiana right now".

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Tue 30 Aug 2005, 09:41 AM
The Gold release of Notes/Domino 7 is now available on Partnerworld and Passport sites.  Our goal is to have either new versions that work with Notes/Domino 7, or certifications that existing versions work with Notes/Domino 7, within fifteen business days.  This applies to our entire product line, CoexEdit, CoexLinks and the three Midas Rich Text products.
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