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Thu 22 Sep 2005, 12:19 PM
I had a customer/friend say to me today "Why bother with a rich text comparison?  Just look at it and see what is different."  This is the sort of question that leaves me speechless (no offense, Jim), but I thought I'd show a really simple example:

Quick!  What is the difference between the following two entries.  The first is from the 6.5 Help db and the second is from the 7.0 Help db.

Notes/Domino 6.5 Help doc
Inline GIF image

Notes Domino 7.0 Help doc
Inline GIF image

Differences between ND 6.5 and ND 7.0 Help doc
If you are like me, you could see the differences right away, or at least you could see that there were differences.  But could you identify each change?  Could you be quite sure you didn't miss any?  Did it take quite a bit of time to reassure yourself you had everything?  (Or, did you just jump down here and not bother with all that hard work.  This is your lunch break, after all, and you are having fun reading blogs, not working.  Sheesh!)  In any case, now look below at the Midas generated comparison.  The parts in blue are added, while the parts in red strikethrough are deleted.  That was a bit easier, wasn't it? 

Inline GIF image

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Thu 22 Sep 2005, 10:02 AM
A friend pointed out this listing on, a popular job listing board.  The list of skills required (emphasis added by me)
Lotus Notes 6
Lotus Scripting
Lotus Configuration
Lotus Workflow --- Important
Lotus Certified - Preferred but not necessary
Information Management Experience 
Utilization to limit conflicts
Business Automation
Experience with MIDAS is a plus! (rich text handler)
Reference Data
Solid Report experience.. i.e.: manipulation, recreate, Lotus Freelance, MS Office(powerpoint)
Experience with Proprietary Systems
Team oriented
Solid written and verbal skills
So there you have it.  Learn Midas and find a job more easily.

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