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Mon 3 Oct 2005, 02:41 PM
Inline GIF imageI have to admit something.  During the time we have been planning and working on CoexLinks Version 2.5, performance has not been a critical goal.  CoexLinks is generally seen as fast enough by our customers.  The goals for this release have had more to do with stability and control, and those have come along nicely, but when I was doing some performance testing (which I always do before releasing anything to ensure I haven't done something horrible), I discovered a nice surprise.  For those people who use NDL attachments, performance is better by about 20%.  Not bad.

So, why the improvement, you might ask?  The reason is simple.  Some customers have objected to the temporary files created when NDL attachments are built, so I rewrote the engine to create and store them in memory.  Simple, but I guess the save to the hard disk and subsequent read and remove takes time.  So, a little 20% bonus without a lot of effort.  I'm happy.

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