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Mon 24 Oct 2005, 01:33 PM
In response to yesterday's question about attachment icons, Tim Tripcony suggested that the file attachment icons are annoying and break up the text.  He suggested using little tiny view or action icons, but then there is an inconsistency between the web and Notes, which I really don't want.  Then it struck me, the reason an icon like thisImage of icon with embedded name is annoying is because of its vertical space, not its horizontal space, but if I am creating the icons, I don't have to follow the same rules.  In other words, why couldn't this icon be rendered as Inline GIF image or Inline GIF image or possibly even Inline GIF image.  Note that these are icons with no text involved, and when clicked on would act like attachment icons, but they certainly don't interrupt the screen as much.  The last looks more like a specialized doclink.  The only problem is, would they be understood by Notes users (or even web users)?  So, a couple of other possibilities might be Inline GIF image or possibly Inline GIF image or maybe a complete variation Inline GIF image.  Sigh!  I am overthinking this, I'm sure.

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