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Thu 16 Mar 2006, 09:50 AM
It is always a dramatic moment in space dramas, that brief period when the space ship is out of touch, whether behind the moon or entering Earth's atomosphere.  Everybody holds their breath, the tension mounts, the deadline passes (if only by a few seconds), then contact is made and everybody erupts in cheers and jubilation.  From Apollo 13 to the latest Mars explorer, the scene is remarkably similar.

Well, that point has come for our move to a new office.  The phones have been shut off to the old office.  They are due to be turned on at the new office sometime today.  In the meantime, we hold our breath, the tension mounts, etc. etc.  Talk to you on the other side (or you can leave a message, but that hardly goes with the suspense of the moment).  If this is a CoexLinks support question, you can also call our support organization, Granite Software, at +1 508-883-7335.

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