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Tue 4 Apr 2006, 09:10 AM
I confess that as I grow older, I grow calmer about things that would have once incensed me.  I liked Devo a good deal, and my older brother was practically obsessed with them (partly due to going to Oberlin, I suspect, which was quite close to their home base).  So, I was surprised not to be more shocked when Devo 2.0 was announced as a teen reincarnation of Devo, singing songs such as Whip It with a Disney styled exuberance.  I guess I have mellowed.  I guess I won't be surprised by Ramones 2.0 when it inevitably follows, and it is only a matter of time before Sex Pistols 2.0.  Sigh!  As soon as I heard Britney Spears singing Satisfaction (a song Devo did even better than the Rolling Stones, by the way), I knew we were on this slippery slope.

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