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Thu 4 Jan 2007, 11:37 PM
would a chunk defined (in a word processing context) as "Table 1; Row 3-7; Column 4-5" be equivalent (in a spreadsheet context) to "Sheet 1; Cell D3-E7"?  It makes you think.

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Thu 4 Jan 2007, 02:52 PM
Crystal CoexI was surprised to see Ed Brill tag me for a foolish game some are playing these day.  I would have ignored it, but my boss said it wouldn't do to annoy such a prominent and important IBMer as Ed Brill, so here goes...

1) My first boyfriend was a German exchange student named Friedrich, who introduced me to the pleasures of philosophy (although there were other, bigger, pleasures that left me with a long term affection for Germans)

2) I never played an instrument in high school, but I played with a few guys who played instruments.  What they say about tuba players is absolutely true!

3) You may have read that my "petite" ex-husband paid to "enhance my assets", but he didn't tell you that he has tried many, many e-mail offers to enhance his own assets... and should really get a refund from all of them.

4) He doesn't know it, but I knew my co-worker, Mike Midas, when he worked in a video store and had horrible acne.  I looked... different... then, and he never paid any attention to me.  Now he pays too much attention.  Sigh!

5) As in the picture below, I sometimes like to go outside bare with just leather underthings on...

I won't tag anyone, as I have better things to do.  (I would tag my ex-husband, Duffbert, but I don't want to get that close ever again)

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