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Fri 19 Jan 2007, 08:21 PM
ODF zealots are a diverse bunch, but Office Open XML (OOXML) zealots are a much more homogenous breed.  They stick together, post on each other's blogs, and generally prop up each other's arguments.  It helps that they all seem to work for the same employer, even though they spend a whole lot of time arguing about the "Big Brother" attitude IBM has towards Open Document Format (ODF).  Here is a good example, which, like many, contains a kernel of truth and tries to pop it into a whole bucket of popcorn.

In his post, Diversity vs. Conformity (note: in Microsoft-speak, diversity means everybody in the whole world using Microsoft Office, whereas conformity means people using different tools), Doug Mahugh thinks he has scored a real gotcha.  He searched on IBM's website, and found no ODF documents!  How could this be?  Pop. Pop. Pop.  Bring out the butter somebody.

Now, he might have a point, but guess what?  The search he uses in Google (and, yes, he is very proud of his "diversity" for using Google) is:
odt filetype:odt
Nothing wrong with that, but if it is such a big deal, you would certainly expect to see something different on Microsoft's site.  So what results do you see for this search?
docx filetype:docx
Amazingly enough, there are no Office Open XML documents on Microsoft's site.

Could it be, possibly, that neither IBM nor Microsoft is stupid enough to put content in a format that most of the world does not yet support, whether or not they support that format?  IBM certainly uses ODF.  For example, they sent my presentation template for Lotusphere in .odp format, but posting such content on a public website may be seen as fairly limiting at this time.

Darn, now I have all this butter, and nothing but a lousy little kernel.  Thanks a heap, Doug!

Minor update: There actually are .ods files on the IBM website, so there technically are ODF files on IBM's website, but just spreadsheets, not documents.

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Fri 19 Jan 2007, 07:34 AM
So, this Wednesday, I was sitting in my office, wondering what to do.  I wasn't leaving until Saturday, and every demo was done and perfect.  Every slide for my presentations was set.  My laptop was perfectly configured, with Notes 7 and Notes 8 ready to show.  Even my clothes were packed, and I had my business cards in my laptop case.  Then, just as I was wondering what to do, Kirsten Dunst walked into my office, and said, "You have a knack for saving my life. I think I have a superhero stalker."

You know how dreams are.

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