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Tue 6 Mar 2007, 02:49 PM
I had a good time at EntwicklerCamp last week, going beyond the tricks I showed in SpeedGeeking at Lotusphere.  Here are a few of the form design techniques you could be using in Notes 6/6.5/7 (or in Notes 8 beta when it comes out).  For more, or to try these out, see the EntwicklerCamp 2007 - Layers in Notes and Web page for my presentation and database.

Checkboxes in your section title (save space and control what is shown when you open section)

Checkboxes in section title bar

Checkboxes in open section

Computed text after the tabs of a tabbed table

Computed text after tabbed table tabs

Active content after tabbed table tabs

Checkbox after tabbed table tabs

Dynamic computed tab labels

Dynamic computed tab labels

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