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Thu 8 Mar 2007, 10:22 AM
As you can tell, I had a bit of trouble deciding on a title for this blog post.  That is because it has two basic purposes, and they have little to do with each other.  The first purpose is to welcome Andre Guirard to the IBM blogosphere.  Andre has been an incredible contributor to the LDD forums for many years, and has now started a blog called Best Practice Makes Perfect, which is clever and useful.  So, welcome to the table, Andre, and may the spirit continue to move you.

On the other hand, my second purpose for this blog post is to make Nathan Freeman snarky, which I have done by adding Andre's name to my blogroll after reading his blog for the first time today.  Why would this bother Nathan?  Just because he wrote a comment recently where he asked whether the lack of his name on my blogroll meant I didn't read his blog.  Of course I do, but I just never bothered to add it to my blogroll.  Even though I have now added it (after all, I was in there updating it with Andre's name, so it was hardly any bother), I am guessing that Nathan will be ticked off that I didn't ever make the effort for him.

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