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Fri 13 Apr 2007, 11:54 AM
We are close to releasing CoexEdit 2.0, but since we have extended FCKeditor, there are a number of strings which I wish I could have translated so that specific customers who use different language versions were better served.  I might be able to hire someone, but it is only a few lines in each language, and some specific Notes terms, so it is not conducive to a normal translation service, and I really don't want to depend on the freebie translations.  Anybody who wants to volunteer would be gratefully acknowledged here.

These are all entries in the FCKLang JavaScript files, so it is only the quoted material I need translated.

// Doclink Dialog (added for CoexEdit)
DlgDoclinkTitle         : "Doclink Properties",
DlgDoclinkUNID       : "Document UNID for Doclink",
DlgDoclinkUpload     : "Upload",
DlgDoclinkAlt        : "Alternative Text",
DlgDoclinkAlertUrl      : "Please browse the database for the doclink Universal ID",
DlgBtnBrowseDatabase    : "Browse Database",

// File Dialog (added for CoexEdit)
DlgFileTitle         : "File attachment Properties",
DlgFileURL        : "Local file path",
DlgFileUpload        : "Upload",
DlgFileAlt        : "Alternative Text",
DlgFileAlertUrl         : "Please type the local file path or browse to find the file",
DlgBtnBrowseLocal       : "Browse Local",

DlgLnkTypeDoclink       : "Notes doclink",               // Added for CoexEdit

The most important languages I need as soon as possible are German, Italian and French, but the following dialog gives the full list of languages supported by FCKeditor 2.4.2.  I guess that wherever I don't have a proper translation, I'll use English as being better than undefined strings.

Language files

Thank you in advance!  I'll keep an up to date list of translations sent to me separately so nobody needs to waste time.

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Fri 13 Apr 2007, 12:25 AM
My Rich Text 101 series has been very popular, and I have thought about starting a Productivity Editors 101 series to help people with similar topics inside the Notes/Domino 8 word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor, but the product is still in beta.  Should I hold off until the release, or should I put out "beta 101" topics to start to introduce people to features and tricks that might not be obvious?  Any thoughts?

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