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Thu 7 Jun 2007, 11:06 PM
OK, so I am a bit obsessed about performance and scalability, but sometimes there is a payoff.  Back on May 4th, I posted a question OpenSesame: How fast is fast enough? in which I reported that
Right now, I can export about twenty reasonably diverse documents a second to ODF files (albeit with weird memory leaks and all the other fun factors of early development).
I'm, happy to say that OpenSesame has been tuned and tightened a bit, and it currently clocks about 176 documents a second (same 19013 documents as before, but instead of taking over 15 minutes, it takes under two minutes.  Even better, the fidelity has improved in several key areas, and the memory leaks seem completely resolved.  I still don't know the answer to my question, but whatever it is, I seem to be getting closer.

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