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Tue 12 Jun 2007, 01:14 PM
In a follow up to my earlier post about OpenSesame and large word processing documents, I created an extra large document (in honor of the OOXML specs, it is 6404 pages long) by taking the ODF specs and copying about 100 pages and then pasting it over and over and over until I was over 6000.  The resulting OpenDocBIG.odt is 4,439,906 bytes long, and the unzipped content.xml is 42,789,688 bytes long.

So, I tried loading the OpenDocBIG.odt with OpenSesame (again, it has to unzip, save the various xml files to disk, then load, parse and delete them) and it took 12 seconds.  I tried the NotesDOMParser again, it took 105 seconds.  It still seems odd that the production parser in Notes takes almost ten times as long, but neither choked on the large file, and neither seemed to lose any memory.

But here is where it gets odd.  I ran both again, without restarting Notes, just to see if I would get similar results.  OpenSesame still took 12 seconds, but the NotesDOMParser now took 215 seconds, which is a huge jump.  I ran them both again, still without restarting Notes or doing anything else, and this time OpenSesame took 11 seconds and NotesDOMParser took 215 seconds again.  Still no indication that memory was running out or anything was going on.  I shut down Notes, restarted the PC, started Notes and did it all again, with exactly the same result.  See the image below.  What in the world would lead to that kind of slowdown, especially in a reproducible way?

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Tue 12 Jun 2007, 09:41 AM
Dieter Stalder of STDI was responding to a post in the Business Partner forum about what you would say to other IBM partners about why to use Notes/Domino for your business.  Since his copyright allows sharing, I thought I would share this with my readers.  This is truly a reason to love Notes and Notes development:

    STDI Consulting started about 12 years ago and the first custom application was a CRM system. Many others followed in short succession, and they are still running today, never upgraded, never failed. Can somebody give me the ROI on 10 hour development time and 10+ years of runtime?
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I spend most of my time in my office working on at least two PC's simultaneously (that's my answer to VM ware). Data sharing is not an issue there and not when I catch a flight to Switzerland this afternoon. Replication with encrypted remote connections and encrypted databases on the local PC keep my personal data secure and more important, all my customer test data, confidential or not, untouchable by anybody else then me and my Crypto Token (smartcard). Hey, steal my laptop, please, I need an excuse to upgrade my 500MHz Thinkpad. Don't laugh, Notes 7.02 runs very reliable and efficient on other then just the latest Bazillion Processor (sorry, lost track of the names). 

There are many more good reasons to run the business on Notes and Domino, but I really have to catch a flight.



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