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Mon 14 Jan 2008, 05:01 PM
Lotusphere 2008 banner

Version 2.4 updated this morning.  Replicate or download for the latest repeats and newly added sessions, as well as the first food and fun entries (more on that soon)

I don't know whether it is even more people getting the word out or IBM figuring out to put a link out sooner, but we have already had more downloads of the Lotusphere 2008 Sessions db than we had last year, and Gabriella Davis tells me that they have more than doubled their downloads of the Blackberry version of the database over last year.  The current total is over 4400 for the database and over 850 for the Blackberry version.  Wow!  The excitement is building... well, that and the fact that with even more sessions to choose from and the fact that attendance is up again from last year (which was itself the highest in several years) and that sessions are going to be overflowing, people want to plan out their time.  We are also getting more questions asked as people discover the Q&A feature which allows you to let the presenters know what YOU want talked about in the session.  My guess is that a lot of people will use that feature in the next few days, and even more as the sessions start happening, as this is the best place to get follow up from the presenters.

I am excited, although not as excited as Alan, who sounds like he needs a stiff drink and to sit down for a spell.

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Mon 14 Jan 2008, 04:21 PM
And that's all I'm saying.

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