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Tue 18 Mar 2008, 04:00 PM
Because I arbitrarily and capriciously capped the number of authors of Web of Deception at 14, I have already had at least one more volunteer, Keith Brooks, who is on a list for a second round.  Of course, there is no real requirement that the second round start after the first round ends, so are there others who would like to get in on the action, maybe even show up the authors of the first story with a bit of competitive serial story telling?  I didn't suspect we would get fourteen, let alone more than fourteen, but if you would like to get in on the action, post a response and let me know.

You don't need a blog of your own!  That's right, a number of different bloggers have volunteered to host chapters on their own sites, and I would be happy to do the same.

You don't have to be a great writer!  OK, it wouldn't hurt, but this is not a contest or an exam.  Be yourself and you will find your own muse.

You don't have to be a Notes/Domino guru!  Take a look at my first chapter.  See any overt geekiness?  Any Notes inner sanctum knowledge?  Nope.  Of course, if you want to add geekiness or Notes inner sanctum knowledge to your story, that is your business.  You are in charge.  You are in control.

You don't have to volunteer!  That's right, nobody is going to laugh because you didn't join in.  After all, somebody in this community should be getting some work done.  I just thought I'd better say that so that nobody feels any pressure.  Just do it if you think it would be fun.

Volunteers for the second round so far (in order we plan to write):

1) Graham Dodge (Published March 21, 2008: Albino Butterfly: Chapter 1 by Graham Dodge)
2) Keith Brooks (Working on his chapter, thinks maybe Monday or Tuesday - phrase is "only the good die young")
3) Alan Bell
4) John Lance
5) Sean Burgess
6) Jim Casale
7) Jeremy Hodge
8) John "Greyhawk68" Roling
9) Graham Tucker
10) Jens-Christian Fischer
11) Ray "LionKing" Bilyk
12) Mike McGarel
13) Ben Langhinrichs

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Tue 18 Mar 2008, 10:25 AM
Due to overwhelming interest (who knew there were so many eager authors yearning to break free of the chains of Notes/Domino development and admin tyranny to write creative stories), anybody else who wants to join in will have to wait for the next story cycle.  It is wonderful to have so much interest, but the story will never finish if we don't limit the number, and the twists and turns will get progressively harder to handle as more authors write.  The full list for the Web of Deception is therefore:

Published or on the hook:
Ben Langhinrichs (Chapter 1, already published)
Julian Robichaux (Chapter 2, which is pending)

Authors for future chapters, alphabetically, so not in the order they'll write:
"Wild Bill" Buchan
Gabriella Davis
Tom "Duffbert" Duff
Nathan Freeman
Andre Guirard
Libby "Notesgirl" Ingrassia
Rob McDonagh
Steve McDonagh
Chris Miller
Jess Stratton
John Vaughan
Francie Whitlock

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