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Fri 29 Aug 2008, 11:03 AM
Heck, since I seem to have trouble doing anything else but politics, I'll comment quickly.  It appears that John McCain has selected Sarah Palin, first term governor of Alaska, and widely popular up there from what I hear.  While she is not the first woman vice-presidential candidate of a major party (that would be Geraldine Ferraro), it is exciting to see more diversity on both major tickets this year.  No matter who wins, we will have a first, and fathers and mothers across America will have more reason to tell all of their children that the sky is the limit.  Congratulations to Governor Sarah Palin!

I hope that we can also put two different issues to rest now.  The issue of John McCain's age is diffused by Joe Biden's selection (seven years younger, but still in the same ballpark), and the issue of Barack Obama's experience is diffused by Sarah Palin (signficantly less than Barack Obama's).  We can now focus on issues (I hope) such as policy, character and ability to motivate and lead our country through the difficult years ahead.

Update: At any rate, it is very entertaining reading some of the more conservative bloggers and commentators who risk whiplash over their sudden declaration that foreign policy experience doesn't really matter, and how this person who two years ago was mayor of a town of 7000 people has more "executive" experience than Barack Obama.  I'm not saying liberal bloggers wouldn't do the same thing, but it is funny to watch.

Update II: Well, Sarah Palin is certainly going to liven up John McCain's campaign.  She seems fun and free wheeling, even if I probably don't agree with a single position on the policy front.  Still, she'll be more interesting that watching John McCain.

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