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Thu 9 Oct 2008, 09:44 AM
I'm sure there are lots of pros and cons to this sort of declaration, but sometimes somebody has to take a principled stand to try and force reasonable action by political leaders, even at the risk of his own job: Illinois sheriff: No foreclosure evictions on my watch
Sheriff Thomas J. Dart said Wednesday he is suspending foreclosure evictions in Cook County, which had been on track to reach a record number of evictions, many because of mortgage foreclosures.

He said many of the evictions involve renters who are paying their rent on time but are being thrown out because the landlord has fallen behind on mortgage payments.


"The people we're interacting with are, many times, oblivious to the financial straits their landlord might be in," Dart said. "They are the innocent victims here and they are the ones all of us must step up and find some way to protect."
Not surprisingly, I guess, the move is opposed by the Illinois Bankers Association, who claim that this represents 'vigilantism' by an elected official.  I can't help but wonder if any of their member banks have already or are about to approach the government with their hands out, yet can't see the government's role in protecting and helping out innocent renters who have been paying their rent on time.

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