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Tue 18 Nov 2008, 09:28 AM
In general, Genii Software does not accept purchase orders as payment, although we will make an exception on occasion, usually for a government agency that can't operate any other way.  I had a reminder today of why this policy was put in place.  We had a government agency start using CoexLinks in June on an evaluation license.  They got approval for full payment on an expedited basis in early June.  Due to some support questions we wanted to reassure them about, it was not until July 8th that they sent a purchase order and we sent a license.  The terms were "Net 30", but with an understanding that the payment would be expedited since we don't usually accept purchase orders and were bending our rules to meet their needs.

The "expedited" payment arrived yesterday, November 17th,  four months and nine days later.  Over five months since they started using the software in production to solve their issues.

That is why we have the policy.

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