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Sat 17 Jan 2009, 04:58 PM
Dear Lotusphereans,

It is probably just me, but here I am at Lotusphere once more, and in the first hour or two, I have seen about a thousand people I know, or who know me, or whom I might know, or might have seen one of my sessions five years ago, or who read my blog regularly, or ...

I am thinking seriously about just calling everybody "Bob" and letting them sort it out.  After all, they already know their names, and I probably do too when not faced with a thousand people at once, but my brain sizzles and sputters at the sight, and even people I've known for years become, simply, "Bob".  So, if I walk up to you and call you "Bob", please don't take offence, even if your name is Yancy or Nancy or Tomahawk, and even if I have known you for fifteen years.  Consider it my little disability.

(Note: I considered "Bruce" briefly, but there don't really seem to be that many philosphers here, and it's been done)

Your friend, Bob

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