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Fri 13 Feb 2009, 07:41 AM
I got a fairly unprecedented number of hits on my post yesterday, Busting through "No way!" to get to "Wow!" (although, curiously, I only got 76 hits on Planet Lotus using that title, and Gabriella Davis got an amazing 337 hits with her post, Stop what you’re doing right now and prepare to be amazed, which directed people to my post).  The obvious question which the post should raise is, does the current iFidelity beta 2 really render everything coming inbound that well?

The blunt answer is, Not yet!  But a better answer might be, It will!   The product is still in beta, and not everything works perfectly, but it will be as close as we can get it.

The reason I posted those images was that I wanted to keep the bar high from the very beginning.  It feels to me as if too many companies, software and otherwise, aim for 70%, hope for 80% and settle for 60%.  How many features in Lotus Notes/Domino feel like that?  I didn't want that for iFidelity, so I decided to aim high.  I decided to aim for better than 100%, so if I eventually have to settle, it will still exceed people's expectations.

Willing to come along for the ride and see how far I can push this?  Willing to be amazed again?

Update:  Changed the wording some to emphasize that we fully intend to make iFidelity as close to perfect as possible, but this is a beta, so there is still some improvement to come.

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