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Thu 18 Jun 2009, 04:40 PM
It might surprise some people, but I fully expect many IBMers to recommend iFidelity, just as many have recommended CoexLinks and our other products over the years.  Here is why, in my opinion.

iFidelity makes IBM Lotus Notes/Domino look good, really good

  • iFidelity demonstrates the value and versatility of Notes rich text by presenting it properly to other email clients, whether they are users of Lotus Notes/Domino themselves, or users of other email products..
  • iFidelity improves the iNotes experience significantly, making iNotes a better and more reliable, way to access Notes email within your own organization, as well as making emails sent from iNotes more reliable and professional.
  • iFidelity greatly improves email signatures, a highly popular end user feature, by rendering them as the user intended, no matter whether they are left as rich text or sent through the Internet.
  • iFidelity offers enhanced Interactions between Lotus Notes customers who both use iFidelity, allowing features such as tabbed tables to become available for realistic and professional email use for the first time.
  • iFidelity allows a Lotus Notes user to reply to and forward emails with confidence that the email history will not be garbled.
  • iFidelity builds on the extensive work IBM has done to improve the email experience, and adds email fidelity to improve that experience even more, in the Notes client, in the iNotes experince, and in the eyes of customers who receive emails from Lotus Notes users.

Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 plus iFidelity may well be the most powerful, reliable combination in the marketplace.  Better security, application integration, extensibility and reliability, all thanks to Lotus Notes/Domino, coupled with clean, accurate, reliable email fidelity designed to present a professional look to everyone else, including other customers using Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007, Gmail, webmail, as well as others also using IBM Lotus/Notes.

Does iFidelity make IBM look bad for not improving the core product?

Perhaps a bit, but this is greatly outweighed by IBM looking good for having the foresight and dedication to support and expand API extensions, without which iFidelity wouldn't be possible.  Also, the evidence that Genii Software is an IBM Design Partner should reassure anybody that IBM welcomes products that enhance and empower IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, and supports ISVs who create such products.

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Thu 18 Jun 2009, 02:46 PM
In response to one of my recent posts, Simon O'Doherty said he had been unable to reproduce the results from one of my tests of an image with wrapped text sent from Outlook 2003 to Notes 8.5.  If you would like me to send you the email from Outlook 2003, or Outlook 2007, or one of the other emails mentioned in these blog posts, simply post in response here with your email (it won't show up to anybody but me) or send me an email at and I would be happy to recreate it and send it to you.  It is important that we maintain full transparency, helping you to recreate the problems we have seen, and the solutions we have developed.  As my t-shirt used to say, Question Authority, and since I seem to be the authority on email fidelity these days (how scary is that?), please be sure to question me.

This goes as well for the many individuals from IBM and from Microsoft who have been all over the blog recently.  If you think I have been unfair in my treatment of Outlook or Lotus Notes, please let me know what I have done incorrectly or where I have been unfair, or where you have seen different results.  Just be aware that I plan to conduct all of this that I can out in plain sight.  I won't repeat email addresses or anything unpleasant, but I do want people to be able to depend on the tests and findings.  If I have erred in one of these posts, I'd be happy to make that clear in public as well.

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