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Wed 3 Nov 2010, 09:36 AM
After ten years of providing a downloadable Lotusphere Sessions, plus feeding information to Blackberry, iPhone and other apps, I look forward to the Lotusphere sessions being announced with a fair degree of trepidation.  

Will this finally be the year that IBM provides their own downloadable database?  I'd say that is increasingly unlikely.

Will this be the year that IBM provides enough information and mobile devices are ubiquitous enough that people don't use the sessions db?  I'd say that is getting closer every year.

The problem is, I won't really know the answer until it is too late.  I can pour the hours into creating and updating the database, and find it wasn't really necessary.  Alternatively, I can skip it and find out that IBM didn't provide enough and have people unhappy.  (You quickly learn in this business that once you have provided people with something for years, they blame you if you don't provide it, even if they never paid a dime for it.)

Does anybody have an opinion?  Is the ubiquity of mobile and laptop access, and the quality of IBM's online schedules, sufficient?  Beyond a nostalgic backward glance, would anybody care if I skipped the database and focused on other things?

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