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Wed 17 Nov 2010, 09:48 AM
I will have a more explicit version, but look at the toolbar from the CKEditor as used in the 8.5.2 Discussion database, or at least those that are strictly text related.  These 8 buttons/inputs are generally grouped as the 5 settings I show below.

Toolbar with text attributes and settings

Of those 5 settings, Font Face, Point Size, Attributes, Text Color and Background Color, how many do you think work consistently and properly when the document is created on the web and then viewed in Notes (not even edited, just viewed)? Which of the 5 do and which don't. Remember now, these are the first 8 items on the toolbar that people will see.

The answer is 2 out of 5. The 3 which do not work properly:

Font Face:  (usually converts to Default Serif, sometimes Default Sans Serif, no matter what font is chosen).

Point Size: virtually always wrong, presumably because it mistakenly assumes pixel size rather than point size, although the specified sizes are clearly point sizes. Thus, 8pt becomes 7pt, 10pt becomes 8pt, and so on.

Background Color: since the background color is not supported in Notes, this setting is ignored.  Causes a real problem when a light text color is paired with a dark background, as the light text color may be invisible in Notes.

A CoexEdit user wrote and asked whether CoexEdit helps.  The answer is that CoexEdit used without any design changes to the database but with AutoRecognizeDiscussion turned on will fix both the Font Face and the Point Size, and will map certain background colors to highlights.

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