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Wed 12 Jan 2011, 09:41 AM
I saw a somewhat panicked tweet from The Turtle:

@the_turtle The Turtle  
Would someone please check when my session is scheduled for at #ls11? I can't believe 10:00am...

Ah, the joys of controlling the Lotusphere 2011 Sessions database.  The observant among you may have noticed that there is no time or location on the Lotusphere site regarding TURT101 The Turtle's Guide to Lotusphere 2011, so I decided to make something up.  I thought about 8am, but I was fairly sure the Turtle would skip his own session if it were that early, so I said 10am.

But the truth has been revealed, if not on the website, at least in a spreadsheet kindly sent along by an IBMer (who shall remain nameless in the event that such action is a career-limiting-move).

The Turtle, much to his relief I would imagine, does not need to shift his shell anywhere until 6:15pm (though he might go to the opening session, I guess), and he will be in the Dolphon S. Hemisphere IV-V.  If you show up at 10am, you will have a long wait, and in quite the wrong location.

TURT101 The Turtle's Guide To Lotusphere 2011 (web link)
Speaker: The Turtle
DL S. Hemisphere IV-V - Sunday  6:15pm - 7:15pm

Whether this is your first Lotusphere or your tenth, The Turtle will help guide you through the blizzard of great sessions and resources available at "the 'Sphere", tell you how to get the most out of the conference, and provide hints on how and where to find the coolest people, the most whiptastic technology, and shrimp the size of your hand! While we don't actually promise to violate the laws of physics, sometimes it happens anyway. (Sorry about that).

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