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Thu 31 May 2012, 09:40 AM
I've been doing custom work with a few customers who have needed to extract data from Notes databases, either to move to Sharepoint or to preserve a snapshot of Notes data outside of Notes for archival reasons and for discovery reasons. I am planning on making this a more formal offering, but the most variable part is the export of views. Sometimes, a view is just a collection, and the view is not valuable if the documents themselves are stored. In other cases, the view has columns with complex formulas that are not worth reproducing externally, so the view columns themselves are relevant. This is especially true in an archived snapshot, as it is harder to reproduce the formulas effectively in HTML than it is in Sharepoint.

Obviously, both must be possible, but the sad fact is that the people tasked with these projects often don't have either the institutional knowledge or the expertise to know how to choose. Therefore, I must make the best guess I can. Imagine a database with twenty views, ten of which contain all the documents in the database. I could easily have a snapshot which is ten times larger than the documents exported alone if I simply export them all.

Not really looking for a solution here, but I'd be happy to hear any thoughts. Also, if you might want to export some whole or partial databases for archival, snapshot or migration purposes, feel free to contact me to discuss your needs to see if we can help.

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