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Wed 4 Sep 2013, 05:45 PM
One of the small features that has been added in Midas V5 is support for generating data URIs. These allow the content of a data object, particularly an image, to be converted to Base64 and stored directly in the HTML. For example, this image Embedded gif image is embedded in the HTML. The source for it looks like:

xQbHJqaGhkLC5UlixUUCKanGyEZFqGjFBMSERAPDht7XG9DGwiYG76+cyTCaEW7GyDIycrIR765TyXH0NPURUEAOw==" alt="Embedded gif image" height="21" width="21" 

which is pretty hideous, but this allows the images to be part of the single HTML file instead of requiring separate image files or integrated MIME files. As you might guess, this allows capsule views in HTML rather than just in MIME, though that is not the main goal, just a side benefit.

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Wed 4 Sep 2013, 08:56 AM
In one of those last minute "Aha!" moments before releasing Midas V5 to a few early adopters, I realized that the GeniiRTCollection name did not make sense anymore. Like so many things, the original purpose has been changed. The class was originally designed to be a collection of GeniiRTItem objects that might be from multiple documents, even multiple documents in multiple databases or put together in an ad hoc way. The idea was to do GeniiRTItem and GeniiRTChunk type actions on them. As time has gone on, the real value of collections has turned out to have more to do with being a collection of documents than a collection of rich text items.
So the GeniiRTCollection class has become the GeniiCollection class. Not a huge change, except that it precipitates another change that has been a long time coming, which is that the Midas Rich Text LSX will become the Midas LSX. It isn't really all about rich text anymore, though it is still about rich content. When I refer to it as Midas V5, that reflects the new reality.
Of course, nobody probably cares but me. Customers just buy it to solve problems and open up possibilities. It will still do those things, and more with the new version, no matter what I call it.

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