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Wed 18 Jun 2014, 11:52 AM
The response to our Out of Notes Pt 10: To SQL Server or DB2 video has been very positive, but has raised an issue more than once, especially among those companies moving applications from Notes to SharePoint. I have had a conversation like the following with a couple of customers in recent weeks. Most customers aren't like this, of course, but a couple.
Customer: I want to be sure, we don't need to have any Notes developers for this?
Me: That's right. Our Export to CSV sample database will let you do it without touching any scripts.
Customer: That's good. Now, how do I get it into SharePoint?
Me: It is a properly formatted CSV file, so it is fairly easy to import into a SharePoint List and either use it there or move it into a custom SharePoint library. We can show your developers a sample script if that would help.
Customer: Wait, I thought you said we didn't need developers.
Me: I meant your SharePoint developers. Unless you just want to use it in a SharePoint List.
Customer: No, we want the app to do just what it does in Notes, but in SharePoint. At least at first, though we have a long list of user requests once we get it there. But we don't have any SharePoint developers.
Me (eyebrows raised): So, have you planned for consultants to work with you?
Customer: No, we have no budget for consultants.
Me (silently to myself): No Notes developers, no SharePoint developers, no consulting budget, but a mandate to migrate your applications and implement a "long list of user requests". This is where sacrificing chickens under a full moon and invoking the ancient magic comes in.
News flash to companies: If you want things developed, you have to spend money on development, whether you hire your own developers or pay for consultants. The ancient magic isn't going to make that SharePoint Library rise from the ground fully built. It really isn't.

Best viewed in HD. Closed captions available for following in English or improved auto-translation. Warning: Will not magically add features to your migrated application.

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