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Tue 26 Apr 2016, 04:40 PM
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One line to export a Notes mail database to MBOX format with the high fidelity rendering engine in CoexLinks Fidelity, one of various formats supported. This feature will be available in CoexLinks Fidelity V4, due out shortly and a free upgrade to anyone currently on a maintenance plan. The best rendering in the business, and you can make it part of your business. We are open to arrangements with business partners who want to use this as part of migration and archiving products or services.
You can try CoexLinks for yourself by requesting an evaluation license. Anybody with an active evaluation when CoexLinks Fidelity V4 is released will get a new eval license and will also get a special discount if they choose to buy it. Current CoexLinks customers will also have a special discount available if they choose to purchase more licenses. CoexLinks Fidelity Export is part of the CoexLinks Fidelity product and will be licensed along with that product.
If you want to know more about CoexLinks Fidelity and even see how high fidelity makes a difference in your own email, visit the CoexLinks Fidelity demo page and try the Coexlinks Fidelity sample mailer to have samples sent to you.
Best viewed in HD. There is no audio for this, as it didn't seem necessary.

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