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Fri 23 Mar 2018, 04:25 PM

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Time: The very near future.
Place: Megacyclopilis Inc. offices

Voice (on an intercom): Tabitha!

Tabitha: Yes, sir? Could we not use the intercom, sir? It's 2018. Besides, you're only in the next office.

Voice (whining a bit): But I like the intercom.

Tabitha: Very well, sir. What can I do for you?

Voice: Our sales force needs to move with the times. I've ordered 5,000 iPad Pro tablets, I need you to put together a meeting, all our top people. We need to talk about how to get SlickSales over onto those iPads pronto pronto. No expense spared. No time to waste.

Tabitha: But sir, SlickSales is a Notes application, and we have Notes 10...

Voice: What! Is that a problem? I knew there'd be a problem. I don't care what it takes....

Tabitha: Excuse me, sir. I meant that because it is a Notes application, it will run on the iPad Pro as is.

Voice: What's that? You mean we don't need a big project or to spend a lot of money?

Tabitha: No, sir. It will run everywhere. It's a Notes app!

Voice: Well, then, we don't need a meeting, do we, Tabitha?

Tabitha: No, sir.

Voice (somewhat disgruntled): Harrumph. Well, Tabitha, can you... get me some coffee?

Tabitha: No, sir. That's not my job. And may I say, sir, it is inappropriate for you to ask.

Voice: Yes, I expect you're right. But if we don't have a project and we don't have a meeting, I guess I can get my own damn coffee.

Tabitha: Yes, sir.

Voice: Would you...?

Tabitha: Two sugars, no cream, sir.

Voice: What would I do without you, Tabitha?

Tabitha: I don't know, sir.

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