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Mon 9 Mar 2020, 02:49 PM
Given a fair amount of interest in our two Exciton Boost videos (see first and second), I thought I'd reopen the beta to others who might want to try Exciton Boost for themselves. I am sending out a new beta version today, so let me know soon. Also, the first Exciton Power beta should be ready soon, and it is open to anybody in the Exciton Boost beta program.
No special sign up form, they just get spammed.If you would be interested in participating in the beta, or even if you just have questions, contact me by e-mail at 

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Mon 9 Mar 2020, 09:52 AM

I guess we'll have to raise it. The bar, that is.

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I thought I'd share another preview video (first can be found here) from our Exciton Boost product, currently in beta. One of the core ideas behind the Exciton family of products is that there should be as few limits to development as possible. Since many Notes developers use LotusScript and formula language, those need to be part of the solution even when the solution is a Node.js app running on a device with no installed code except domino-db from the AppDev Pack.

This sample uses a concept we call stored logic, similar to the concept of stored procedures in SQL. Stored logic procedures can be in LotusScript or Java, and can include formula language. A developer can use Node.js and its vast library of modules together with multiple stored logic procedures to build a robust application. Each document is only saved when all the stored logic has completed successfully, thus ensuring no documents are left in an unstable state, and allowing rollback if only some of the stored logic procedures have completed successfully.

Now, on to the demo. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and please don't hesitate to share or Like the video.

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