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Mon 15 Mar 2021, 10:12 PM
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While Genii Software is best known for our Notes/Domino related coexistence and migration products, we work in other areas as well. But both inside and outside of Notes/Domino, our core business is really data movement. If you have data in some format or encapsulation, and you need it in some other format or encapsulation, that's what we do. Whether you need the data to move for a moment, for the duration of a project, or forever, we help you move it.
The challenge for me is usually not the format or system or structure the data is going to, but the format or system or structure the data is coming from. Often older, outdated systems, though certainly not always, I need to understand as much or more about the source as the destination. Which is why I spend time building new design and new data into things like Infopath Forms that are already facing EOL. Because when that data needs to go elsewhere and fit into some other design (whether Microsoft Power Apps or Salesforce Lightning Apps or whatever), we need to be able to understand the data we are likely to see, and the stuff we are less likely to see, but still will because developers will use anything. we need to be prepared for structures allowed in one system but not in another, especially multi-value anything (e.g., repeating tables), as those tend to be implemented differently in different systems.
So, I am creating forms that will never be used by anybody but me, all to be ready for you.

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