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Mon 21 Jun 2021, 09:56 PM
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I gave a presentation today at Rudi's DominoCamp. Kind of a weird thing presenting in silence for 75 minutes. I was relieved to see the people who started watching seemed to still be there at the end, as there was no way of know while I was presenting. I look forward to getting back to in-person conferences.
Slides are here --> Custom Domino Extensions in a Modern AppDev World - DominoCamp 2021 slides <-- though I will likely put them up on Slideshare later as well.
For the demos, I put most of the output in slides so you could see it. The source code and make file for the DspLnks64 DSAPI and Daleks ExtMgr are below, though you may need to adjust the makefiles to match the compilers you have set up, or skip it and make the projects in an IDE. (Recommended compilers kept switching between versions.)
dsplnks64.dll (version built and used in  demo)
ndaleks64.dll (version built and used in  demo)
The Node.js demo I desscribed with the invoices is described in full at Down to Business - PDF Invoices from Notes data in Node.
Thanks to everybody who attended. Anybody who has questions should feel free to ask, as I am always up for brainstorming about extensions.
I will provide a link to the video when it is available.

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