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Wed 20 Oct 2010, 02:36 PM
I try not to mix my writing hobbies with my business too much, but I am quite pleased to see that my story, Alison's Find, is one the cover of the October issue (they are quarterly) of Beyond Centauri magazine.  It is the first time I have been on the cover of a print magazine.  If you click on the image, you can even go buy it on GenreMall, if you really want to.

Beyond Centauri cover

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Mon 4 Oct 2010, 10:41 AM
I'm afraid my record keeping wasn't good in those days, and I never dreamed that I'd still have the company (and make a living with it) eighteen years later, so I don't know the exact date, but sometime in October 1992, a friend and I started a company to develop OS/2 tools.  I had another job, so this was strictly on the side, and the friend and I parted ways shortly thereafter (he wanted stationery and an office and a secretary, and I wanted to build a product first), but the name Genii Software was registered with the state of Ohio then.  Later, it became a Limited Liability Partnership, so the official name is now Genii Software Ltd.

Over the years, I have created a number of products, including:

Navigator for OS/2 (total dud)
@YourCommand Toolkit for Lotus Notes (successful enough that I could quit my day job, no longer sold)
Midas Rich Text LSX (successful and popular for thirteen years now)
ReportLogic (very limited success, no longer sold)
CoexLinks (successful and widely recommended, including leads from both IBM and Microsoft on regular basis)
CoexEdit (successful and often recommended)
@Midas Formulas (very limited success, no longer sold)
Midas Rich Text C++ API (successful both alone and as adjunct to products such as RightFax)
@Midas Lookups (free limited version of portion of @Midas Formulas)
iFidelity (limited success but growing)

Out of ten products, five very successful,  one freebie, two with limited success (but one still growing) and one dud.  I think most software developers would be quite happy with that score card.

And we are not done yet.  I have an announcement coming up before Lotusphere which will expand the list.  Eighteen years, mostly growing revenues every year (except for that pesky global recession thingie in 2008-2009).  There is a lot to celebrate, but also lots of people to thank, including:

The Turtle Partnership - Gab Davis, Tim Davis and Mike Smith have long supported me, and now provide support officially for Genii
Andrew Pollack - long time friend and provider of technical advice
Penumbra Partnership - for the past ten years, a great source of friends, networking, advice and a good place to vent steam
Rudi Knegt - long time friend and host for numerous European conferences
Mark Ramos - long time friend and frequent collaborator on projects both successful and unsuccessful (but also fun)
Ed Brill - torch bearer (and occasionally flame thrower) for Lotus Notes
Bloggers and speakers and partners and friends galore - far, far too many to name, but all appreciated
IBM - for stumbling and bumbling its way through like any large company, but never letting Notes die (or being able to kill it)
Microsoft - for keeping IBM on its toes, and frequently tripping on its own

but most of all

Thousands and thousands of loyal and enthusiastic customers over the years who have spread the word and kept the faith (and paid the bills).  For a company that does virtually no advertising to sell over a million seat licenses and into seven of the top ten largest companies in the world, and many of the smallest as well, takes a lot of word of mouth recommendations, and I appreciate them all. 

Thank you!

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