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Tue 11 Dec 2012, 10:19 AM
At least, that is how my wife puts it. (Whether that is optimistic or pessimistic on her part, I don't know.)

Yes, it is my 50th birthday, which is not one of those milestones you look forward to, but which honestly feels better than I expected. It has been a hard year, what with my father dying in July and the regular business sputtering some as I focused too heavily on specific projects, but I feel ready for the year ahead. A new version of CoexLinks came out recently, CoexEdit will be out any time now and the data migration business is slowly taking shape. I plan on some non-IBM projects coming out this year as well, but CoexEdit with XPages is the main focus for now, with lots of pent up interest.

By the way, I got an early birthday present yesterday when my son got a phone call from his chosen college, letting him know that he was accepted. None of us were expecting a phone call (as opposed to my daughter who learned through snail mail and my older son who learned through email), but it was wonderful knowing that he can go where his heart has belonged for over a year.

All in all, I'm looking forward to 50, and looking forward to sharing the year with all of you.

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Mon 10 Dec 2012, 06:56 PM
We had a minor hold up on the release, but I wanted to show you how easy it was to support an existing application with CoexEdit. There are different options which allow you to modify the design of your XPage application easily, but you can also make CoexEdit work with an existing template.

To demonstrate this, let's look at the standard 8.5.3 Discussion template. There are two forms which matter. Not the XPages or Custom Controls, but the forms which hold the data. The two that contain editable rich text fields are the "Main Topic" and "Response", though the "Main Topic" is stored as "MainTopic". Be sure to use the stored name (use the first alias if there is one). On each of these forms, the rich text field is named "Body", as many, many rich text fields are. The template name for the standard 8.5.3 Discussion database is "StdR85Discussion" (copy it from the Design properties tab). So, if we wanted to define the standard discussion explicitly, we would use:


but since the two forms both use the "Body" field, we could shortcut that to:


and honestly, even shorter, since the "Body" field is the default.


Now, let's say we had a different template, possibly with a locked-down design. Let's call it "Masterworks", and it has three forms, "Performance", "Materials" and "Extended Performance". The first two have a standard Body field, but the "Extended Performance" has three rich text fields, "Teaser", "Description" and "AudioFiles". For this, we would use:

CoexEditXPage2=Masterworks;Performance,Materials,Extended Performance

With those two lines, we have enabled CoexEdit on all databases with the "Masterworks" XPages template. Tomorrow, we'll see some of the ways the CoexEdit enabling changes the editing experience. But first, one additional tip. If you have a database with no template, you can use the Replica ID of the database instead.

CoexEditXPage2=[852566F10064AC18];Performance,Materials,Extended Performance

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Fri 7 Dec 2012, 11:48 AM
After twelve years, it is a little hard to say this, but the changes in mobile computing and the changes in Lotusphere Connect make it clear to me that the time has come. It has been a lot of fun, albeit a lot of work, but the past couple of years have also seen a certain amount of "striving for relevancy", and I'd rather leave it as a pleasant memory than drag it into an awkward afterthought.

At this point, almost everybody has access to an on-line version of the sessions during the conference, and the schedule will be released when it is released for people to plan. I am working on other things at this point, and can't afford to spend the time without a more compelling justification.

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