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Sun 5 Jun 2022, 08:51 PM
Learn to code session on June 6th at 5pm EDT

Making software isn't hard. Making software easy is the really hard part. As our customers and partners know. we work very hard to make our Genii Software products easy and intuitive. But tomorrow (Monday, June 6th at 5pm EDT), I am trying a new challenge. I am holding a Learn-To-Code event in which I will be building a Drag-n-Drop Dominos game using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The goal is to have people code along with me, so I need to minimize "cooking show magic" where lots is already prepared for them. Getting the game working was fairly easy, but I am spending much more time simplifying the steps and trying out different approaches to make the code accessible to non-coders and low-coders. If this works out, I will likely do other such events, possibly also throwing in a Notes/Domino Learn-To-Code session here and there.
This event is sponsored by the coding bootcamp, Tech Elevator, where I teach people to become full stack web developers. It is a virtual event which means anybody who wants can sign up and join to watch me, though my focus is on motivating Cleveland folks to think about how much fun coding can be.

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