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Software is complex - complex to use, complex to support. At Genii Software, we believe that good support is critical at all stages of our relationship with our customers. Our coexistence solutions, CoexLinks and CoexEdit, offer support as part of a paid maintenance plan, while our development tools, the Midas Rich Text LSX and the Midas Rich Text C++ API, come with free support, but whether paid or free, we strive to provide the best possible level of service, responsiveness and attention to detail.

Our commitment, and our request
We will make every reasonable attempt to provide world class support to both customers and potential customers. Please let us know if we succeed, or if we do not. Your feedback helps us to continue what works well, and improve what does not work as well.

Support: Where to go first?
Primary support is provided through email except in cases of critical, time senstive issues. Critical support will be provided by phone, but it is best to go through primary support as well to ensure your issues are properly tracked.

E-mail support will be provided by using the following email addresses:

E-mail support for CoexEdit:
E-mail support for CoexLinks:
E-mail support for Midas Rich Text LSX and Midas Rich Text C++ API:

Phone support will be available from 8am to 5pm EDT at + 216-991-5220.

Is pre-sales support provided by a different group than post-sales support?
Good support is critical for everyone, including those evaluating the software. We try to provide the same personalized, extensive help to anyone who calls.

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