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Coexistence and Migration Solutions
AppsFidelity 4.5
AppsFidelity Edit
Edit rich text fields from the web as easily as from the Notes client using popular, widely available WYSIWYG web editors, and edit them from Notes as well, with AppsFidelity handling the coexistence. Retain formatting, tables, images and links while taking advantage of both the web and the Notes client. No scripts or agents required.

AppsFidelity Migrate
When the rich content you have in Notes needs to be equally high quality rich content outside of Notes.

AppsFidelity Render
When your need access to rich content inside your XPage, mobile or classic web app, AppsFidelity Render makes it available upon demand.

Download the AppsFidelity User Manual or read the on-line AppsFidelity Help database (under construction, but still useful).

CoexLinks Fidelity 4.30
Enable easy coexistence between Notes e-mail and non-Notes e-mail systems using CoexLinks Fidelity. High quality rendering allows external users to see see what Notes users sent in external mail or internal mail viewed through iNotes or Notes Traveler. Converts Notes links into NDL files, Notes URLs or Web URLs to simplify mixed Domino and Outlook or other e-mail system environments. Read the Lotus Notes & Non-Notes Coexistence Whitepaper. For more information, download the User Manual

CoexLinks Migrate 4.30a
High performance, high fidelity exports for Notes email databases and archives. Exports to standards-based email formats, MBOX, EML and ICS (for calendars and tasks)., as well as HTML for archival viewing.

Rich Text Tools
Midas LSX 5.60b
Export rich content to HTML, EPUB, CSV, MHT, EML and more. Manage doclinks, create dynamic tables, generate HTML, send MIME e-mail and take control your rich text in Notes and Domino. Fully supports R6.x through HCL Notes/Domino 10!

Try out our on-line demos.

Midas C++ API 5.60a
Integrate rich text manipulation and HTML generation deep into your own software. The power of the Midas LSX at the level required by ISVs and hard-core developers.

Download our sample programs.

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