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Tue 10 Jun 2003, 02:42 PM
Supporting your children's schools takes some odd forms.  My son's second grade teacher has told them frequently during the year that her favorite vegetable was artichokes.  Many of the kids had never tasted an artichoke, and were not even sure what it looked like, so she decided to have an artichoke party as the year was drawing to a close.  Since we live across the street from the school, we voluntered (read "my wife volunteered me") to cook the artichokes and carry them over at 2:30 in time for the party.  Butter and such were melted at school.  So, a few minutes ago, I carried over the four artichokes I had been cooking, and entered the classroom to find the teacher reading a slightly adapted Dr. Seuss tale, Green Artichokes and Ham, to psychologically prepare the kids for their artichoke feast.
It reminds me of some Penumbra meetings.  Not sure why.

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