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Fri 5 Aug 2005, 01:10 PM
Today we released Version 3.50 of the Midas Rich Text family of products.  I am working on a complete list of new features and fixes, but one quick item is worth mentioning.  Running some tests with HTML generation performance on R5, I ran a test generating HTML for every document in the 2002 Business Partner forum, a total of 39728 documents with links, attachments, tables, images and more.  It took 44 seconds to run through the whole database, which is an amazing 903 per second.  Now, I have a pretty good workstation, but it isn't as fast as a robust server.  Pretty darn amazing even to me, and I am the one who has been tuning and cleaning up the engine for the past several months.

Anyway, more soon, but I wanted to announce that these were available on our website for those who have been waiting.

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