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Fri 1 Jun 2007, 06:01 PM
Brian Jones wrote today about the Office Open XML API for Java, or OpenXML4J, which he describes as an<blockquote>open source project to create a Java library for consuming and generating files in the Open XML formats</blockquote>The most interesting part of the site to me is the scenarios page, which has some potential scenarios for how you would use the toolkit, along with very spiffy graphics.  For example, the following two scenarios are included:

Confidential information removal
Remove comments, annotations, document properties, personal information, presentation notes, tracked changes, ... from outbound documents.
Scenario remove content outbound

Macros removal
For security purposes, remove macros, inappropriate language and content from inbound documents.
Scenario remove content inbound

The question in my mind is, are these scenarios generalizable to other office formats, e.g., ODF?  Mostly, they are.  So, what are various ways to address these same general scenarios with Notes 8 and ODF?  Are they applicable (not just these two, but all of them)?  If so, are they solvable with current toolkits, or toolkits currently planned, or would they require something more, whether open source or proprietary, such as OpenSesame?

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Fri 1 Jun 2007, 07:43 AM
I'm no basketball expert, but LeBron James was amazing last night, and the rest of the Cavaliers were intense the whole way through to allow him to be.  I'm exhausted just having watched the game.  I also have to say that I actually feel sorry for the Piston fans.  With double overtime and the game neck and neck virtually the entire way, it would have been a heartbreaker to lose.  (Of course, if somebody has to break their hearts, I'm OK with it being Cleveland.)

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