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Thu 26 Feb 2009, 08:36 AM
Imagine that this fax system came with the greatest organization scheme, easy to file and sort and search, compatibility with all sorts of phone and voice systems - but the faxes were so fuzzy that important information was lost, the formatting and fonts and layout were altered in weird ways, and the general impression given to the fax recipients was that your fax machine was a piece of crap.  Would you put up with it?  Would you celebrate enhancements to the organizational system that ignored the fax quality itself?  I doubt it.

Yet much the way IBM has improved the email container so dramatically in Notes 8/8.5 without improving the email content, Gmail also seems completely focused on the email container, as shown in this post on their blog.  As Alan Lepofsky mentioned, and I repeated in this post, Gmail lacks the simple ability to create a table or paste in an image, features available in Lotus Notes (not known as the best email in the world, I hasten to add) since the early to mid 1990's.  As I have also noted elsewhere, Gmail completely ignores some CSS that is handled well by virtually every other email system (including both minor points such as images for bullet points as well as major points such as positional elements).  

But don't mind the content, the container is getting better all the time.  Fuzzy faxes anyone?

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