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Tue 7 Dec 2010, 01:12 PM
For those interested in delving into the past, they are all still available, all eleven of them.  I warn you, they are pretty sketchy in the early days, but it is an interesting view of the evolution of Lotusphere sessions and the database:

#1) LS2001_SessionsDB
#2) LS2002_SessionsDB
#3) LS2003_SessionsDB
#4) LS2004_SessionsDB
#5) LS2005_SessionsDB
#6) LS2006_SessionsDB
#7) LS2007_SessionsDB
#8) LS2008_SessionsDB
#9) LS2009_SessionsDB
#10) LS2010_SessionsDB
#11) LS2011_SessionsDB (this year)

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Tue 7 Dec 2010, 12:37 PM
Eleventh Annual Lotusphere Sessions Planning DB

For those who can't do anything but dream of Orlando in January...

A few people have deduced the super secret URL, such as Craig Wiseman.  Unlike last year, where the URL was LS2010_SessionsDB or the year before when it was LS2009_SessionsDB (and so forth back nine years), this year the super secret URL is... wait for it...


Anyway, Version 0.1 (meaning the regular sessions and speakers, but no rooms yet) is ready for you to download.  I'd strongly encourage you to replicate with Tranquility (using the handy view action if you like) frequently over the next few weeks.  I should point out that frequently does not mean every fifteen minutes.  It means once a day or so.  In mid January, you can move to every fifteen minutes if you have ADD, ADHD or ADOS (attention deficit ohh shiny).

Some may notice we have added a few features that are present, but not quite pretty yet, such as the Books and Courses view. If you have a book or course relevant in some way to IBM Lotus products or Lotusphere 2011 (meaning I won't accept books on pet care or sparkly vampires, but might consider a book with the walking dead), let me know and I'll add it.  These are provided as a convenience with no charge to authors or others.  In fact, the whole darn thing is a work of love.  Be kind, I don't get paid for this stuff.

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