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Tue 12 Nov 2013, 09:35 AM

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Finally, a real book (I hope I haven't cried wolf too often). I decided to demonstrate how the Instant Ebook sample works by taking a popular, and still surprisingly accurate and useful, set of articles I wrote about Notes rich text starting ten years ago and updated occasionally to reflect version changes. I made a few more updates, pasted each of the articles into the Instant Ebook sample, added the cover you see above and pressed the button. In less than a second, the ebook was available, so I published it over on Smashwords as a free ebook. You can click on the cover above or go directly to Rich Text 101 on Smashwords and download it from there. (The download is not the huge Download button on the right on Smashwords, but the small Download link at the bottom of the page where the huge Download button takes you. Perhaps I need to write User Interface 101 for them.)

In addition, the Instant Ebook sample comes complete with the entire Rich Text ebook exactly as I generated it. Of course, you will need a Midas LSX evaluation license and the Midas LSX software to try it out, but the database can be downloaded and looked at without those if you are just curious.

But now it is your turn. Is there a series of articles you might want to put together, a presentation you might like to solidify and turn into a short ebook, a set of code samples already formatted you would like to get in the hands of more people? All you need is the content, because the sample doesn't require even owning Domino Designer. Installation is as simple as copying the DLL and license into your Notes executable directory, or you can add them to the Midas in a Minute sample and let your users auto-install the Midas LSX and license.

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